Fugue Waltz

So getting those dancing sprites for this month’s commission inspired to put dancing to its truest form: bad video games. And that’s what we have!


Be forewarned, it’s like stupidly hard. But if you stick with it and prove your worth, there’s a bonus. A bonus that’s totally not worth playing this aggravating awful game. I had fun making it though!

Just use the Left, Down, and Right keys when the corresponding arrows are over the spots.

Have fun!


It’s new game time with GladiatHer! A turn-based combat game set in a world where fighting and machismo rule all! Battle your way through warriors and arenas lest you discover why this game is set in the Mercynaries universe! It features pictures, four endings, clicking to whack people in the face, and an extra bonus for our Patreon members!
Play the game at:

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Salon Deesee: The Church of Cosmetology


We’re delving back into interactive story-time and the Mercyverse brings us a tale of potentially malicious teachings, questionable spa treatments, and sinisterly chipper roommates. It features eight different endings depending on how well you play and the choices you make. Remember to study hard, do good things, and be pretty with Salon Deesee: The Church of Cosmetology!

Based on the world of the Mercynaries at:




Use the mouse to make menu selections, arrow keys to move, and Space to interact in the exploration sections.


Materiel Girl


It’s game time in the Mercyverse once again! Guide the path of a daring thief that gets more than he bargained for but probably what you’re expecting after breaking into what should have been an abandoned laboratory in a new choose your own adventure style tale in the world of Mercynaries. There are three endings, dependent on how many labs you get through, the choices you make, and how well you do in the final confrontation.


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Sins Manitou Hard Currency


It’s time for another game and another peek into the Sins Manitou world! If our own world won’t make heist games with enough regularity, then it’s up to me to put one out at a frequency of every once in a while as long as people like them! Take on the role of some nefarious heisters and loot this realm for what it has!

Play Sins Manitou: Hard Currency at:


Some gameplay notes:

Control the game with the arrow keys, mouse clicks, and the space bar

If you get yourself in a situation where you can’t beat the level, press R to restart

You have to place and collect your allies, even if you complete the mission without them. So if you get to the end of a level and haven’t used them, just summon and instantly collect them

If you’re at the exit and you don’t leave, make sure you’ve placed and collected your allies and then move left and right to trigger the exit check again


Rick Spanner, Needlessly Violent Private Eye


It’s time for another entry in the Gamics universe: Rick Spanner, Needlessly Violent Private Eye! Help Rick help his dame, Swing Danger, come face to face with the ills of society and the horrific situation Swing has found herself in.
This is a super short game. And a super dumb game. I mostly made it because I love the characters’ names. It’s impossible to not have fun saying their names like the narrator in a prohibition-era newsreel. Think of it like an adventure game where every puzzle has the same solution. But it has TWO endings! Rick and Swing are the heroes America needs. Even if you’re not in America, they’re still your heroes.


Wilder West



I was working on another game for the site and while I liked the world, I just couldn’t get into the game itself. I kept thinking about other projects while working on this and that’s usually my sign to re-focus my efforts elsewhere. I like Wilder and his world of dinosaurs and what would have eventually featured robotic sea life, alien tech, and maybe some alien ghosts, so I think I’ll come back to this world some day.

The version on the site just has two levels, so enjoy them for what they are. Imagine there was an intro telling you that there was a bounty mission for Wilder, a cave-in trapped some miners, and Wilder’s steed ran off to start the game off. Use the arrow keys to move and Space to attack.



Sea Cruise

It was fun working with Thom on the Funhouse game revamp, so we decided to collaborate on a brand new game! We took the Choose Your Own Adventure format and stuck it out at sea for a cruise adventure full of morphs and wackiness and hijinks! A Cruise Your Own Adventure, if you will. I’ll give you a moment for the laughter to subside. It has seven different endings based on your actions and stats by the end of your week’s vacation, so get playing here:


Big thanks to Thom, who you should know from Murry and Lewy, which is linked on our Links page or from within the game. And a special bonus for the Patreon members, I posted the ending images at full resolution on the site for you!


“Cruise” Your Own Adventure. Comedy gold.

The Funhouse Version 2

As an extra special bonus, our friend Thom put together a special version of the Funhouse story I posted a bit ago. He made it into a real choose your own adventure layout, so you don’t have to fumble around with my folder set-up and it’s actually fun now! Thom’s still messing around with the programming, so we could get even keener things in the future. Give it a look again for the first time:


And check out Thom’s comic at: