It’s new game time with GladiatHer! A turn-based combat game set in a world where fighting and machismo rule all! Battle your way through warriors and arenas lest you discover why this game is set in the Mercynaries universe! It features pictures, four endings, clicking to whack people in the face, and an extra bonus for our Patreon members!
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Salon Deesee: The Church of Cosmetology


We’re delving back into interactive story-time and the Mercyverse brings us a tale of potentially malicious teachings, questionable spa treatments, and sinisterly chipper roommates. It features eight different endings depending on how well you play and the choices you make. Remember to study hard, do good things, and be pretty with Salon Deesee: The Church of Cosmetology!

Based on the world of the Mercynaries at:


Use the mouse to make menu selections, arrow keys to move, and Space to interact in the exploration sections.


Materiel Girl


It’s game time in the Mercyverse once again! Guide the path of a daring thief that gets more than he bargained for but probably what you’re expecting after breaking into what should have been an abandoned laboratory in a new choose your own adventure style tale in the world of Mercynaries. There are three endings, dependent on how many labs you get through, the choices you make, and how well you do in the final confrontation.

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Sea Cruise

It was fun working with Thom on the Funhouse game revamp, so we decided to collaborate on a brand new game! We took the Choose Your Own Adventure format and stuck it out at sea for a cruise adventure full of morphs and wackiness and hijinks! A Cruise Your Own Adventure, if you will. I’ll give you a moment for the laughter to subside. It has seven different endings based on your actions and stats by the end of your week’s vacation, so get playing here:

Big thanks to Thom, who you should know from Murry and Lewy, which is linked on our Links page or from within the game. And a special bonus for the Patreon members, I posted the ending images at full resolution on the site for you!

“Cruise” Your Own Adventure. Comedy gold.

The Funhouse Version 2

As an extra special bonus, our friend Thom put together a special version of the Funhouse story I posted a bit ago. He made it into a real choose your own adventure layout, so you don’t have to fumble around with my folder set-up and it’s actually fun now! Thom’s still messing around with the programming, so we could get even keener things in the future. Give it a look again for the first time:

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I was working on making a Choose Your Own Adventure style game, but it really didn’t work out. I’m a big fan of Construct, but their text object tools are horrible. Objects can spawn objects and objects can spawn text but text can’t spawn text? Madness! Rather than totally giving up on the idea, I took the story text and art and made a ridiculously simplified version of the game using folders, so I present it to you today. It’s set in the Mercynaries and all the oddities that entails, so enjoy!

After finishing up the story, it unintentionally had some similarities to another writer’s story. They’re not supposed to be related but there were enough similarities that it bugged me and I reached out to her. She said it was cool to post it, so if you’re a fan of Mercs, you’ll probably like Steph’s Funhouse story. Stop by her site, give it a read, and leave her a comment!