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  1. The game is fine otherwise, but in the first two and final levels it is way too easy for a fireball to spawn in such a way that it is literally impossible to avoid. It’s so bad that I’d say in about one in five attempts, the player gets hit instantly upon starting the game. I’m assuming the ending I’ve been unable to get is by completing it without losing a life, but that seems impossible to achieve due to this.

  2. You don’t need to do it without losing a life. The three endings are based on whether you got a game over and continued and whether you beat the high score or not.
    Thanks for playing!

    1. Be that as it may, even if I’m going for the high score rather than no deaths, the 500 point penalty for death combined with the unavoidable deaths makes it near impossible to do that too…

      1. …Sorry if all that came off as bashing the game; I liked it otherwise, I was just frustrated. It should be noted that after I wrote that I did manage to get the third ending; it just took far longer than it should have for such a simple game.

  3. It was supposed to be hard like an old arcade game, so I was expecting a lot of comments like that. But what you did was exactly what I was hoping for. Players can brute force their way through it to get the ending they probably want the most, then go back and get a better ending, and then show off how good they are and get the ending the character would want the most.

    1. It’s easier to jump to the left platform first and then jump over the enemy to get the key than trying to jump to the right before ducking back in the hole. Also, they’re not evenly spaced so try to grab the key when there’s the bigger gap between them.
      Thanks for playing!

  4. Enjoying the game and have achieved all three endings (although, for some reason, I keep getting the third ending. It’s not like I’m intentionally getting hit by fireballs to end up a beautiful princess… no….).

    Two things I would’ve like to have seen, though, would’ve been ending variants based on how many hearts you picked up (example: Achieving first ending, but picked up 6+ hearts is same ending but female, etc.). The other would’ve been an ending for those who chose to quit.

    Looking forward to next.

    1. Keen, thanks for playing, Thom!
      The hearts are just there for a point bonus to help people get the best ending. You lose some points on death, so you can risk getting hit by the fireballs for the reward of heart points.
      Or, you can collect 777 hearts to get the super secret ending!

      …Super secret ending does not exist.

  5. Could you post a video of you playing the game? It doesn’t seem like many people got the hang of it except you, maybe there’s a trick to it?

    1. Quite a few of the comments have been people that have found it rough but made it in the end! But no, sorry, I don’t have a way to record and post a playthrough. If somebody else can, I’d gladly post it though. The ending images are available in the Sins Patreon though, if you just want to see those.

      1. I tried it in firefox and chrome having the same issue so i’m not really sure what to do (sorry for the late reply i’ve been busy as heck lately)

        1. Sorry, I’m not sure what to say. I don’t know why that would happen, so I don’t know how to get around it. The player’s changes are just a layer over the main action, so it shouldn’t be resource intensive. Sorry!

  6. I have to agree that the random fireballs detract a lot from the game.

    I’m currently on what I assume is the last level(Princess is in the cage and the Wizard is in the middle.) I’ve tried it dozens of times, a dozen times where I had the sword with me, and each time so far there’s been a random fireball that came from where me view was blocked off and set me all the way back to the beginning and I can’t do anything about it. One time I dodged one of the fireballs only for another to find another had spawned to hit me anyway.

    The regular back and forth Fireballs I’m fine with, they add a degree of challenge. The random ones seem to do nothing but drive me crazy with frustration, even if I’m trying to get the TG’d Ending.

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