Salon Deesee: The Church of Cosmetology


We’re delving back into interactive story-time and the Mercyverse brings us a tale of potentially malicious teachings, questionable spa treatments, and sinisterly chipper roommates. It features eight different endings depending on how well you play and the choices you make. Remember to study hard, do good things, and be pretty with Salon Deesee: The Church of Cosmetology!

Based on the world of the Mercynaries at:


Use the mouse to make menu selections, arrow keys to move, and Space to interact in the exploration sections.


11 thoughts on “Salon Deesee: The Church of Cosmetology”

  1. Despite the word bimbo being thrown around a few times, I was dissappointed with the lack of a real Bimbofiaction ending.

  2. Fun little game! However, I am having trouble getting all of the endings. I got six (join the faculty, daisy, brainwashed by rose, lily’s servant, test dummy, succumb) but I can’t seem to find the last two. Any help?

    1. There are a few where you stay, so there may be more than your “join the faculty” one. You can take on different roles or leave and come back. There are also a few endings based on the escape path where you find out the character’s past.

      1. How do you escape/leave? I’ve helped Charma to the point where she leaves a note on the ground outside her door, but I never find any of the other notes.

        1. As long as you read the note, that enables the escape options. Your stats and other actions still determine what you get, so you can still avoid those endings (if you narc on Charma, you cannot get the escape endings). It can lead to the Attempted Escape and the Girlfriend endings.

          1. Pretty fun game. So far I have found the Daisy, Girlfriend, Join the faculty, Tommy, Narc on Charma, Failed Exams, and the Attempt Escape but then return endings. That’s seven out of eight endings, I believe. I have tried several other things but I can’t seem to find the last ending. What is it called? How do you get it?

          2. I finally got it! Thanks for the help Pip, I have now seen all eight endings. Looking forward to more games.

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