It’s new game time with GladiatHer! A turn-based combat game set in a world where fighting and machismo rule all! Battle your way through warriors and arenas lest you discover why this game is set in the Mercynaries universe! It features pictures, four endings, clicking to whack people in the face, and an extra bonus for our Patreon members!
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16 thoughts on “GladiatHer”

  1. I’ve only gotten two endings so far. I can’t get past the minotaur and the shield maiden in both series of fights. I’m not even sure if there’s a way to get past the blonde woman in the green dress.
    How do you beat them? How do you get all the other endings? If you don’t mind me asking.

    1. If you complete the female arena, you’re given the choice to return to the male arena with a stat boost. So if you’re having trouble in the male arena, you can drop down to the female one a few times to boost your attack. If you can’t beat the leader of the female arena, make sure you’re debuffing her when she puts the shield up.
      Once you’re in the harem arena, you can only either accept your position or put on shows for the crowd, but you’re stuck there.

      1. so I did as you explained and kept debuffing her shields, but she still just wastes me, I’m delaying her power attacks and hitting when she’s open but I just keep dying

          1. hey pip i’m having the same issue i’ve tried roughly 15 or so times but I just can’t get through it would it be too much trouble to ask for that code?

          2. Hold your mouse over the M’s halo on the Mercs button on the title screen.

            Press “`” (the key next to 1 on a standard keyboard) to add 5 to your damage.

          3. thanks pip the cheat worked now i’ve seen 3 out of 4 endings, not sure how to proc the last one (ice seen ring girl, victory as male, and impregnated female)

  2. would it be possible to include opponent health in the view screen? I find it incredibly difficult to fight an opponent when I don’t know how well/poorly i’m doing

    1. I purposefully kept it off, so you wouldn’t know how close you were. I wanted to encourage taking chances and having to always be on your toes even if you were just one hit away from winning.

  3. Four endings? Hm… I’ve managed to win using the “come back” trick and lose in two different ways, but that fourth ending seems to be out of my grasp.. >.<

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