Fugue Waltz

So getting those dancing sprites for this month’s commission inspired to put dancing to its truest form: bad video games. And that’s what we have!


Be forewarned, it’s like stupidly hard. But if you stick with it and prove your worth, there’s a bonus. A bonus that’s totally not worth playing this aggravating awful game. I had fun making it though!

Just use the Left, Down, and Right keys when the corresponding arrows are over the spots.

Have fun!

5 thoughts on “Fugue Waltz”

    1. They don’t really generate much feedback or comments. They take so much longer to do than the stories or art events (that do generate activity) so I’ve pulled back on them. I have a bunch of ideas for ones I’d like to do, but they’re lower priority.

  1. What happened to that one game on here where you were in charge of a transformation themed summer camp, and the Mercynaries appeared in one ending?

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